Welcome to the Brand Vitalisation agency.


We are a communications agency that specialises in making brands essential. Our team of marketing, creative and business disruptors are experts at realising commercial potential by unlocking distinctive brand value.

Collaborating in The Lab. A digital workspace hosting inspiration, strategy, concepts and feedback, The Lab is your campaign HQ from brief to launch. Because when we network minds, exceptional things happen.

What we do. Vitalisation keeps brands distinctive and outputs optimised in an always-on world... but not everything needs the same treatment. Collaboration ensures yours is enhanced in the most efficient and useful way possible.



Your brand has yet to be
fully developed and lacks a clear positioning.


We’ll create a distinctive personality, identity and voice that delivers a lasting impact and inspires action from your target audience.



Your brand already exists
but has lost relevance and seen its salience decline.


We’ll analyse the DNA of your business and reboot the unique identity of your brand to unlock its true commercial power.



Your brand enjoys a strong presence but specific areas are under performing.


We’ll apply our brand-led creative expertise to ensure your comms touchpoints
that are most in need are
fully refreshed and given renewed impact.

Business to Business

Business to Consumer

Unlocking your brand’s potential


Our Vitalisation Gap Analysis tool identifies
the opportunities and barriers that exist in your brand, audiences and campaigns to

help unlock their greatest value.


The output includes a personalised infographic that summarises on a page
your brand’s untapped potential.