The Tickle Conundrum​

Written by: Michael Miley CEO at The Creative Lab

Reading time: 2 minutes


Have you ever pondered on this rather amusing fact? 
It is not possible to tickle yourself. Now, if you didn't know this already you are probably trying it out right now and realise, that this is in fact true. And here’s why:  The reason you can't tickle yourself is that when you move a part of your own body, a part of your brain monitors the movement and anticipates the sensations that it will cause. So now you know!​


But what you may ask, has that got to do with brand communications? Well, I think it's fair to say that most businesses, in these challenging times could well do with a tickle. Perhaps to revive that all-important brand differentiation, maybe to refresh key messages, and maybe even undertake an overall revitalising brand facelift.

So here's the more serious bit. Have you considered this insight from our friends at Harvard Business Review? “Proactive revitalisation of your brand and its communications outputs is essential for keeping it relevant, distinctive, and optimised. And this brand revitalisation has been proven to result in a medium-term annual revenue increase of 7-10% and annual operating income increase of over 20%”.

So It would seem to me like something we should perhaps take a good look at. I am also of the view that in an “always on” world there has never been a greater need to remain vital and engaging and that revitalisation should be an ongoing process within a business. (That’s probably a bigger topic that I’ll come back to next time.) 
So where do we go from here? Well, you may not be able to tickle yourself, but I would bet that when it comes to your business you are very likely to be able to put your finger on those areas of your brand communications that might need a tickle. 

To help you out here feel free to spend the next 5 minutes on our Revitalisation Gap Analysis tool that will tell you on a page where you just might need to prioritise your efforts. Just click on the link below. Enjoy.