How's your backstroke?

Written by: Franco Reda ECD at The Creative Lab

Reading time: 2 minutes


For many, working life is different now. It just… is. WFH has seen to that.
Most of us seem to have adapted pretty well to this brave new world of ‘blended working’. It’s something the marketing community has long tolerated (if not actively encouraged) and now it’s part of the furniture. Bravo! Long may it continue.

However, there is one fly doing backstroke in the ointment: Collaboration.


Status meetings and catch-ups are one thing, but genuine collaborative creativity – our lifeblood – needs way more than a five-way conference call. Participants need to be engaged, outputs need to be captured, and ideas need to be explored and finessed as a tight client/agency team. It almost always leads to better work.

As a boutique creative agency, we found that the clients who recognise the value in what we do wanted to play a more active role in the creative process. So we created an elegant way of engaging them throughout the lifecycle of a project… we call it The Lab.

It’s an intuitive, interactive workspace and campaign development HQ that enables us to brainstorm, feedback and co-create concepts remotely, as if we’re in the room together.


We made a couple of short videos to explain what it is and how it works – you can watch them

If you’d like to know how The Lab could help revitalise your brand communications challenges, or just get a steer on how your brand could embrace virtual collaboration in this challenging climate, please do get in touch. 

Franco Reda (Co-Founder & ECD, The Creative Lab)