A computer love letter​

Written by: Paul Cope MD at The Creative Lab

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“Another lonely night

Stare at the TV screen

I don't know what to do

I need a rendezvous

Computer love

Computer love.”



So sang Kraftwerk in 1981, a remarkably prescient take on how human interactions with technology would evolve over the next 40 years. And how.


At The Creative Lab we like to bang on about the value of truly great collaboration, that remarkable moment when curated interaction delivers outcomes far greater than the sum of their parts. Tech has always played a key part in this; as a facilitator, a workspace, delivering experiences. Fundamentally, though, tech serves the collaboration, provides the connecting tissue or is an output of it.


This year, however, a seismic input has been absorbed into the way we collaborate creatively: Midjourney. Essentially a sentient AI digi-poacher, it enables people to collaborate directly with the internet to create extraordinary visual outputs, at pace, from textual descriptions. Our ECD, Franco Reda, has been immersed in this brave new world for some time, creating unexpected and mind-bending images – from steampunk boots to movie characters as babies – and the results are astonishing. Check out our full gallery below.






















Questions abound regarding the humanity of the outputs and the basic morality of the process… is ‘art’ in its broadest sense a fundamentally human pursuit; how will this impact the livelihoods of illustrators and designers; is art direction ultimately the most important part of the creative process anyway?


The pace this technology develops and what that will mean for more traditional creative approaches is still unclear at the moment. What is certain, however, is that the genie is out of the bottle and as communications experts delivering visual content at the speed of culture, we believe it represents a new collaboration model to be embraced.


Who knows, we might even work with it to create our agency Christmas card this year (watch this space)!


Paul Cope (Managing Director, The Creative Lab)


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